Learning plan

Learn by doing. There is no other way. You can study all you want, but a few months doing digital marketing can take you longer than several years studying it.

Famme offers internships in several fields relevant to E-commerce.

Google analytics

Learn to use Google analytics for e-commerce.

Practical test

Use Famme’s Google analytics account to analyze and take decisions based on data.

Google tag manager

Learn how Google tag manager works and its advantages.

Google search console

Learn to use search console to:

  • Get an overview of a website’s current search “footprint”
  • Analyze coverage reports
  • Understand the Page experience and Core web vitals report
  • Understand rich results and enhancements in SERPs
  • Analyze external and internal linking
  • Submit sitemaps
  • Use advanced filtering on search data

Practical test

Use search data to find which pages to improve and content ideas.

Content marketing and Search engine marketing


  • The importance of meta titles and descriptions for CTR
  • How to write articles, product texts and collection texts that can rank on Goolge
  • What link titles and alt text are for
  • The importance of internal linking and site structure
  • To do keyword analysis
  • How to use tools like Google search console, keyword planner and Semrush
  • Other relevant tools for SEO could be: Semrush, Moz, Ahrefs, Screaming frog

practical test

  • Write blog articles, product texts and collection texts that can rank on relevant keywords
  • Improve existing texts to improve ranking
  • Improve meta titles and descriptions


Famme uses the Shopify E-commerce platform and you will learn how many of its modules work and how and why Shopify is modular.

Facebook and instagram marketing

Learn how to advertise on Facebook’s platforms, its advantages and disadvantages.

Practical test

Make a campaign, ad set and ads and target relevant audience with ads.

Email marketing

Email marketing is not as simple as it sounds. Flows, segments, forms are just some of the concepts you need to learn.

Practical test

Make and send out newsletters to targeted segment of all profiles.

Landing pages creation

Learn how to make converting landing pages

Practical test

Make landing pages for running ads.

Influencer marketing

Learn how to cooperate with influencer to create content, generate sales and build a community.