Norwegian consultant company

Our consultants have created software for customers like Tripletex, Famme, Oslo kommune and many more, using technologies like Java, React, Typescript, Python, Docker, SQL. We do not only create software, but handle the complete software lifecycle

  • Strategy

    Why are we making this software? Who is the customer?

  • Design

    We now know why we are making software, let's find out how it should look!

  • Development

    Develop the software with the appropriate technologies! (usually proven and "boring" technologies)

  • Testing

    High quality software requires testing, not only during development, but automated tests running in a continuous development pipeline to avoid regressions.

  • Deployment

    AWS, Azure or GCP? The biggest cloud vendors are often the correct choice, but not always. Whatever the platform to deploy, using infrastructure as code, automate and avoid excessive resource usage to keep cost low is important.

  • Maintenance

    All software becomes "legacy". Without care, it can becoem unmaintainable. The maintenance phase is as important as the development phase, ensuring longevity of the software.

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