Make a collection using metafields for the banner in Shopify

In shopify, you can add different templates for different collection. For example: You can add a "shorts" template, and use that for the shorts collection, then modify this to have a banner at the top showcasing shorts. You can do the same for the leggings and sale collection. 

But, if you only want to use a different banner, and not add any other customisation to the collections, then you can make 1 collection-template "collection-with-banner", and get the image/images from a collection metafield.


1. Create the template



2. Create the image banner section where you want in the template


3. Create metafields to connect to the image banner mobile and desktop image


4. Link the metafields to the image section


5. Upload the different images to the different collection as a metafield at the bottom of each collection. Remember to use the new template on this collection, then you should see the image uploaded here used on the website

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