Our team consists of E-commerce experts. We can help you with logistics, marketing, funding, website building, design and more.

We have a team of serial entrepreneurs, technologists, connectors and investors in each of our locations. We’ve also built strong networks of exceptional advisors in every region, who help to coach the co-founding teams and help them succeed. We have all joined Respiro because we’re truly passionate about supporting founders to build amazing companies and want to have a positive impact on the world.

  • Greg Taube

    CEO and CTO of famme

  • Maja Johnsen

    Cavaria Partner and Cavaria CEO.

  • Martine Lia

    Purete partner.

  • Gunhild Bruaset

    Purete partner.

  • Julie Kolstad

    Purete partner.

  • Mikael Taube

    Famme co-founder and partner.

  • Peter Taube

    Famme co-founder and partner.