3PL pricing

One of Respiro's subsidiaries, Famme AS, has an automated warehouse in Søndre Kullerød 8, Sandefjord in Norway.

The price depends upon order volume, type of goods and return rate. But we try to charge a flat rate per orderline and as few other costs as possible.

Contact us for a precise quote, but prices will look something like this:

  • 30 kr per orderline if # of orderlines / day is 1-10
  • 29 kr per orderline if # of orders / day is 11-20
  • 28 kr per orderline if # of orders / day is 21-30

And so forth. Pricing thus depends upon # of orderlines. Carrier charges are invoices separately without surcharge. 

Read more about the justification and more details on 3PL warehouse pricing.