Tech stack for a million dollar startup

  • Pycharm, pro version. As a university student you can get that for free
  • Brew for mac or Chocolatey on Windows for packet management
  • Latest version of Python
  • Github for version control


  • Have hosted on different platforms like AWS, Google cloud, digital ocaen. Not yet decided on which platform to invest in
  • As of June 9 2021 we have a digital ocean VPS “droplet” and a hosted mySQL server on AWS, that may change
  • You should understand KPI and be able to put a public ssh key on a server so you can login with ssh username@server


  • You should learn basically all shortcuts in the programs you use daily
  • In Pycharm almost everything can be done via the keyboard
  • Your operating system’s keyboard is also something you should invest time in mastering

Frameworks we use

  • Flask, for simple web apps
  • Django for larger web apps

Packages we use

  • Requests for HTTP requests
  • Beautifulsoup for web scraping

System that has an API we use

  • Klaviyo
  • Shopify
  • Airtable
  • Bring/Posten
  • Gorgias
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