Remote work manifesto and tips

Remote work at Famme

Remote work has a lot of benefits, but also drawbacks. Follow these guidelines to work better remotely.

Planning your work days - Calendar invites

If you do not have a regular schedule, it makes sense to setup a calendar event for the days you will work:

  • Setup an event with a title like “yourname workday”
  • Set the length to the hours you will work that day
  • Invite the person’s that will be relevant to notify about your presence, in most cases your nearest leader
  • Try to at least 1 week in advance planned

Tips and tricks

  • You can duplicate a previous event and change the date
  • You can setup recurring events if one day is fixed every week

Before work

Take a walk or a training session before starting to work.

At work

  • Take regular breaks to reduce eye strain.
  • Do not hesitate to send a Google meet link if you need to discuss something “in person”
  • Use an external monitor, mouse and keyboard
  • Use the breaks to go outside, not browse social media or reading the news (junk food for the brain)
  • Go outside for some fresh air, do some cleaning in the house or empty the washing machine. The good thing about remote is that you can save time by taking pauses with mundane things you had to fix anyways at home :) Avoid taking pauses with things that would normally not be accepted in offices like FB / random browsing.

After work

  • Be sure to turn off notifications for work-related chats like Slack after work-time, settings can be changed to avoid notifications after work hours.
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