Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

Famme use influencer marketing for three purposes:

  1. Generating sales
  2. Content
  3. Building community

To achieve these goals we have influencer terms which outlines responsibilities for influencers after receiving free items.

Generating sales with influencer marketing

All influencers have9 a unique code which is in the format ig_username-20, this is historically because instagram has been the main influencer platform for us.

Sales with the discount codes can easily be found in Shopify, which is the E-commerce system we use, by searching for the discount in the order list, all orders where the discount is used is shown. It is also a report in Shopify available for “orders by discount” to see how much sales a particular discount has generated:


To further automate the reporting of sales we have built some custom code that syncs code usage to an Airtable table:


After the code usage per discount is synced, emails are automatically sent to influencers based on the synced sales data:


When sending out emails, one can automatically bake in information from the records/rows like instagram username.

For example here is part of the email sent out when people have an additional 5 sales with their code:


Receiving content from influencers

Receiving content in a streamlined manner is important. We use an Airtable form


When the content is uploaded we get all content in the same table:


Building an influencer community

We do not have an influencer group, but we do have a product development group where we share our product development process, ask questions and promote our products. The group is active with over 21k members as of this writing.

The role influencer’s play here is that influencers generally engage more in the communities. We also send samples to influencers (as for now randomly with no particular system) of coming releases that influencer’s can review on the group.

Influencer communication

We use the same system as we use for customer service, Gorgias, to communicate with influencers, but through another email than the customer service email. Good customer service systems allows for creating views which are filters on tickets based on tags and other ticket attributes. Here you can see some open tickets from the collab email:


We have convention of including the instagram username in the subject.

To separate macros by category we have a naming convention of including the “category” of the macro, for example influencer:


Influencer outreach

  1. If email and insta exists: Send email and insta message
  2. If only instaname is available, send DM and comment on the picture. The comment should be personal (about their photo)+copy paste
  3. Check if an influencer has not already been contacted before sending a new email. After 1-2 months, it should be possible to contact inluencers again in many cases

Emails can only be found on mobile on insta profiles, sometimes the emails are put in bio.

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