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How to increase the number of reviews about your brand

Every brand wants to increase the number of reviews available for others to read. Not only does it increase credibility and trustworthiness about your brand, but if you have an abundance of great reviews (opposed to and compared to not so great reviews), naturally, more people will be inclined to test out your products.

Famme has a large amount of reviews about their products for the sake of credibility. When browsing the website and its products, customers can see documented endorsements and comments about the products, and deem products as valuable as they have been tested by others (social proof).

A good rule of thumb that not only those in e-commerce business should use, but that the majority of people should use in life in general, is: It never hurts to ask. In our case, when we want to increase the number of reviews about our brand, this rule of thumb comes in handy. Below we’ve gathered a list of steps we take in order to increase the number of reviews about Famme, and steps that have led to the colossal amount of reviews we have as of today.

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1. Ask through Instagram DM

One of the major ways in which one can increase reviews about a brand is to pay close attention to the engagement with your brand on social media platforms such as Instagram. If you see someone posting about your product(s) and have tagged your brand in the post (either its a picture or a story), you can quickly shoot them a direct message (DM) on Instagram and ask them to write a review about the product(s). If it made it to Instagram, it can make it to the official reviews section about the products on your website as well.

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2. Ask directly those who have had a good shopping experience with your brand

Another method of increasing the number of reviews is to find those customers who have had a pleasant shopping experience, are pleased with the product and/or customer service, and just simply ask them to write a review. Especially when your customer service is outstanding there will be a higher chance that a customer will be willing to write a review. Again, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Mange kunder bruker reviews for å vurdere om de kan stole på firma / merket. hadde satt pris på en kundeservice review her:


Om du ikke får gitt review på Google kan du bruke: Trustpilot: 

Om man også inkluderer info om hva slags klær som tilbys på siden er det ekstra hyggelig :) 

3. Returned items? Ask for a review.

When a customer returns items (for whatever reason) and either chooses to order something new (new product or new size), or simply chooses to not order again at all, this is prime opportunity to ask for a review. The return of items back to the company in most cases always results in a dialogue between brand and consumer and its important to take advantage of this communication to ask for a review. The customer thought the item was too big or too small? Or just simply didn’t fit them? Ask them to write a review - maybe about their recommendation of the particular product to someone other than them. Regardless of what the specific case is regarding a return, the customer can find it valuable to be able to “give back” to others by explaining their thoughts on the product, as these thoughts are usually highly authentic; given the need or want to return the item.

The steps above point to that, a) it never hurts to ask, and b), by communicating with and consistently asking customers throughout the purchasing process to write reviews, sooner or later you’ll see that people are more than willing to give their two cents about your brand and the products they’ve tried, and in the end you will have collected a prosperity of reviews, ready to be bragged about. Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 3 34 51 PM

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