Customer service for E-commerce

We use Gorgias as our customer service system. It is very well integrated with Shopify.

Email and DMs - integrations

Gorgias integrates with email and several other communication alternatives like Instagram DMs and FB dms.

We have decided to keep things simple, so we do not use these integrations, we force most conversations through our contact form. If someone tried to get help about an order and other customer related questions we simply refer to our contact form.

The contact form is dynamic, so it will show different fields depending upon what contact type you choose.

When the form is submitted an email is automatically sent to our customer service email address in a structured format:


The contact type is first, then the order number which the forms asks for.

Shopify integration

When a person sends an email, a ticket is created, and if the email is linked to data in Shopify, data from Shopify will be nicely displayed on the right side of the ticket.



Answers to recurring questions are answered in Gorgias:


If possible, we try to include answers in the contact form as to avoid the customer contacting us in the first place.


The main rule is to accept everything and give a replacement item even if it is the customer’s fault.

Tracking and lost packages

If the tracking shows the item has been received, but the customer insists it is not delivered, we have an airtable form, when the customer submits it, an email is automatically sent to the carrier customer service and the customer. If a few days passes and the package is still lost, we send a new package.

Klarna and invoices

When the customer uses invoices and return, a refund from Shopify cancels the invoice so the customer does not have to pay it.

Wrong items

After automating our warehouse, mistakes like wrong items is no longer a big issue, but if it just one item we usually send a new item and sometimes ask for the item back. If it is wrong by one size, ask the customer to try it on first, some times it fits.

Question about returns

We have a return processing system in Airtable, all returns are documented in an Airtable table.

Package returned to sender

Sometimes packages are returned back to us if the customer wrote the wrong address or does not have her name on the postbox. Such packages are handed by the warehouse as an “exchange”, we simply create a code to let the customer order again and informs her about the wrong address.

Negative reviews

This is seldom, but when a customer leaves a negative review it is important to find out what we have done wrong and then fix the problem. Make the customer happy, even if she is wrong or it is not our fault. Tag the ticket with the customer for later follow-up, if we have solved the problem we can ask if she can “also include something about the products in the review”. Most customers are happy with the products and will change their review to something positive. Most negative reviews have been about bad delivery, as we have had some growing pains. But we should strive to make every single customer happy.

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