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Employee onboarding

We want to have a learning culture in Famme. Employees should be eager to learn and to teach. We also want all employees to have a better than average understanding of technology. Even if the main job done is not with technology.

The ability to “Google” to find answers and look up answers instead of asking for answers is extremely important. Also writing good documentation to make lookup possible. Knowledge should never be just in a person’s head, but written down for others to use.


If you want to work faster, use shortcuts. There are two types:

  • Operating system level shortcuts
  • Program specific shortcuts

Operating system shortcuts

App / program shortcuts

We use a lot of different apps, both web apps and some native apps.

Knowing the shortcuts of these programs will be useful:

  • Airtable
  • Gmail
  • Gorgias (for customer service and influencer marketing)
  • Slack
  • Shopify

You can find most shortcuts by just Googling “{program} shortcuts”. See Airtable shortcuts below.

Often the most important shortcut is ? which shows you the available shortcuts in many programs.


You should have an understanding of the following concepts:


Everyone in Famme should use the latest version of Chrome as their browser. Useful Chrome features that should be used:

Screen recording

Teaching others is one of the best ways to learn. It can either be in written form, image or as a video. Most employees in Famme should write about what they learn. For video, use:

Or just google “how to screen record {device}”.

Documentation culture

When someone ask a question, ask yourself “why is not this written somewhere?”. It is probably not the first time a question has been asked.

We have a table for useful knowledge for the people working at the warehouse and influencer marketing. Instead of always explaining the routines, we write it down so warehouse workers and find the information themselves.

See the warehouse table as an example:

This type of documentation should be done in all departments. We should not rely on important routines and knowledge being locked in one person’s head.


You will get a / / email depending upon which country you are based in.

Since we use Gsuite, you should not use Word or Pages for documents, but Google docs. And Google sheets instead of excel. This is so that we all use the same tools and make collaboration more seamless.

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